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Reflecting on Good Friday and the Resurrection of Yeshua

Reflecting on good friday and the resurrection of yeshua

As we reflect on Good Friday and the resurrection of Yeshua, it’s essential to recognize that life, with its profound pain and emptiness, might often feel like a deviation from God’s will. However, the reality is far from it. Jesus himself reminded us, “In this world, you will have trouble,” underlining that suffering is an integral part of our earthly journey.

James, in chapter 1 verse 2 of his epistle, implores us to “Consider it pure joy whenever you encounter various trials…” This perspective is not just about enduring but embracing the challenges with joy and resilience, recognizing them as part of a larger divine plan.

Life presents us with various crosses. Some are deep and spiritual, others are practical day-to-day challenges—whether it’s waking up at 2:00 AM to change a diaper or facing the mundane task of paying bills. Each of these moments is a cross we bear, an opportunity to grow and to choose to endure suffering with joy, akin to a fighter in a ring, poised and determined.

In these moments, the song “Lead Me to the Cross” serves as a poignant reminder of our need for divine guidance through our trials. The cross Yeshua bore is a profound mix of deep spiritual significance and practical daily struggles. It symbolizes not only immense persecution but also the everyday burdens that make us feel like giving up.

We are urged not to flee from these challenges or to feel forsaken by God during such trials. The cross is not just a symbol of suffering but also of God’s immense love, a love that transcends our immediate pain and suffering. It’s crucial to remember that Yeshua demonstrated the reality of the cross long before His physical crucifixion, starting from His birth as God incarnate.

A woman praying and reflecting on good friday

Jesus’s life was a continuous entry into suffering, a path He chose to demonstrate His redeeming love for us, freeing us from sin and the law. From His glorious divinity, He stepped down to live among us, an act that itself was a movement towards the cross.

This Good Friday, let us seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance to truly understand and find joy in our cross-bearing experiences. With each cross comes a promise of resurrection— a reminder that our trials are not in vain but are pathways to greater intimacy and eternity with the Father. Let us hold firm to this truth as we navigate the complexities of life and faith.

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