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Pre-Marital Counseling

Learn How To Thrive In Marriage Before You Say “Will You Marry Me” or “I Do”.

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Our pre-marital counseling offers several key benefits:

  • Foundation Building: We help couples build a strong relational foundation based on Christian principles, ensuring that their marriage starts on solid ground.
  • Skill Development: Couples learn essential skills for a successful marriage, including communication techniques, financial management, and conflict resolution strategies, all within a Christian context.
  • Spiritual Growth: We encourage couples to grow together spiritually by exploring their faith, praying together, and discussing spiritual goals, which strengthens their bond and aligns their purpose.
  • Personalized Sessions: Our counseling sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each couple, addressing specific issues they face and preparing them for the challenges of married life.

Impact Family Christian Counseling & Wellness Center is committed to preparing couples for marriage with the wisdom and love that Christ exemplifies. We believe that premarital counseling is not just about preventing future problems, but about enriching relationships so that they reflect God’s love and serve His purpose. Through our counseling services, we aim to equip couples with the tools and insights they need to foster a loving, resilient, and spiritually vibrant marriage.

7 Sessions, Topics or Customized Based On Your Struggles | Office, Phone or Webcam Meetings

  • Intake – Introduction To Counseling & The Couples Story
  • Spiritual Growth – How To Grow In Christ By Living In The Spirit
  • Communication – How To Talk & Listen To Each Other
  • Finances – How To Manage & Grow Your Wealth
  • Parenting – How To Develop Your Children God’s Way
  • Intimacy & Sex – How To Speak Each Other’s Love, Intimacy & Sex Language 
  • Wedding/Honeymoon – How To Prepare For The Wedding, Honeymoon & 1st Year

What Is Christian Counseling

  • Christian counseling is confidential, Bible-based counseling by one trained and experienced in both pastoral and counseling ministry.
  • Christian counseling is not designed to treat severe mental illness. We do not perform psychiatric or psychological evaluations, nor prescribe medication.
  • The Christian counselor uses prayer and scripture to welcome God’s presence in the healing process.
  • A typical counseling session lasts one to two hours. After the first meeting, the counselor will make recommendations for follow-up appointments, growth assignments, Christian spiritual practices of grace, and participation in other support ministries, well as a fellowship with a local corporate or house church, or small group ministry.

Premarital Course Completion Advantages

Impact Family is registered with Broward County as a Pre-Marital Course Provider. Our registration allows couples to bypass the three-day waiting period and receive a discount on their license fees. Let us assist you, schedule your first session today. Learn more about the Broward County Policies and Privileges.

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