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About us

Impact Family Identity, Mission & Vision

Impact Family is a Christian Counseling Nonprofit Organization located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a few miles north of Miami. As a Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Non-Denominational Ministry, we believe God in His Grace wants to forgive, heal, and bless us more than we want it for ourselves.




Happy Couples

Career Counseling

Discover Your Gifts & Calling, Overcome Imposter Syndrome, & Learn To Set Boundaries.

Couples Counseling

Communicate Better, Enjoy Each Other, Rebuild The Love & Intimacy With Support.

Clergy Counseling

Encouragers Need To Be Encouraged Too And Someone To Bounce Ideas Off.

Life Coaching

Be Challenged & Comforted As You Pursue Your Goals & Overcome Self-Destructive Habits.

Multiple Ministries For Our Community

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