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Back to the Womb – Ministry Session by Dr.Charles Kraft

Some Christian ministries are exploring innovative approaches that delve into the earliest human experiences—even as far back as life in the womb. A particular session focusing on this fascinating aspect of spiritual care attempts to guide participants through a journey into their earliest memories, starting from around two months of gestation. This unique approach posits that by revisiting these primal memories, individuals can initiate a profound energy healing process.

The Premise of Womb Memory

The notion that human memory begins in the womb is both intriguing and contentious among scientists and theologians alike. However, within the context of this ministry session, it is suggested that our memories start recording life’s impressions as early as two months into gestation. This idea forms the basis for a therapeutic session designed to help participants revisit these early memories in a safe, group setting, guided by principles of faith and spiritual healing.

The Process of the Session

During the session, the facilitator guides participants through a meditative journey back to their earliest stages of development in the womb. This process involves a gentle invitation to recall pre-birth experiences. For many, this journey is smooth and uneventful, providing a sense of peace or spiritual contentment. However, for others, this exploration might unearth feelings of discomfort or the sense that “something’s not right.”

Back to the womb

Handling Emotional Reactions

The facilitator of the session emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and patience. Participants are encouraged not to get frustrated with themselves if they encounter difficult emotions or if the process does not yield significant insights or revelations. The underlying message is one of acceptance: the exercise is beneficial for some, but not everyone will have a profound experience, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

The Goal of Energy Healing

The primary aim of revisiting womb memories in this context is to initiate an energy healing process. For participants who have never engaged in such a form of spiritual therapy, it offers an opportunity to address deep-seated emotional wounds or blockages that might have roots extending as far back as their earliest developmental stages. For others who have participated in similar sessions before, it’s a chance to deepen their experience or uncover new layers of emotional healing.

Reflecting on the Experience

Participants are asked to reflect on their experiences and share them if they feel comfortable doing so. Sharing in a group can be therapeutic and helps build a supportive community where individuals feel understood and supported. The facilitator also provides guidance on how to integrate any insights gained during the session into one’s daily life and spiritual practices.


While the concept of accessing womb memories is not universally accepted and remains outside mainstream psychological practices, within the context of this Christian ministry session, it is viewed as a pathway to deep spiritual healing. Such sessions exemplify how faith-based approaches to healing can incorporate unconventional methods in pursuit of emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether participants find concrete memories or simply engage in a meaningful reflective exercise, the session is designed to foster growth, healing, and a deeper connection with one’s spiritual life.

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