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Getting Married Soon? Here’s How To Find A Wedding Officiant

Getting married soon? Here’s how to find a wedding officiant
Find a wedding officiant with these helpful tips from Impact Family. 

There are countless plans and endless decisions to ensure that your big day is going according to plan, including figuring out how to find a wedding officiant. The person who will marry you and your significant other has a challenging responsibility. Not only should they be licensed wedding officiants, but they also stay with you throughout the wedding planning process to ensure that you’re ready for the wedding bells. 

Not sure who to officiate your wedding? To help you find the right person, we wrote an article with useful information to know about wedding officiants, from how to find a wedding officiant to what credentials to look for. Consider licensed wedding officiant at Impact Family

What is a wedding officiant? 

A wedding officiant is a licensed professional who can officiate weddings. They’re also known as celebrants. But they’re not just the person who leads marriage ceremonies. A licensed wedding officiant will spend a couple of months with you and your significant other to prepare for the ceremony, including personal vows, music choices, and readings. 

Some officiants also require premarital counseling to ensure that you’re both ready before you hear the wedding bells ring. The officiant must be legally ordained in a particular state to conduct marriage ceremonies. For instance, if you’re from Florida, you should seek a wedding officiant in Florida

Are you based in Florida? Work with Florida wedding officiants at Impact Family

How to find a wedding officiant?

Search “wedding officiant near me” on Google 

For many couples who want a quick search, the easiest way to find an official wedding officiant is to get your devices and browse “wedding officiant near me” on Google. The search engine platform detects your location and suggests wedding officiants within your geographic. From the results, you can start inquiring about wedding officiants.

Go through your recently married friends and family members 

Asking your recently married friends and family members is a relatively easy and inexpensive way of finding wedding officiants! They may have worked with one or perhaps, their wedding planners might know an officiant who can do the ceremony for your wedding. 

Don’t hesitate to ask! After all, they’ve been in your place. They’re the first person to know how challenging it is to plan a wedding. 

Contact your worship leader

Perhaps, you’ve wandered far along. Why not ask someone in your circle? If you’re affiliated with any religious groups, there’s a high chance that they know someone who can officiate your wedding.  

If you’re in for a religious wedding ceremony, consider the wedding officiant at Impact Family

Know what type of officiant you are looking for

Weddings can come in so many forms. It can be a religious ceremony or non-secular. What is important is you know what type of wedding do want to have. 

If you decide that you want to have a religious ceremony, contact people that are already in your life. It can be the pastor from your church or someone you attend mass services with. If you decide to go with a non-secular ceremony, there are many licensed wedding officiants who aren’t affiliated with religious organizations. 

Considering a religious wedding ceremony? Work with wedding officiants in Florida at Impact Family. 

Confirm whether they’re a licensed officiant 

For wedding officiants to perform marriages, they must be lawfully ordained and have a thorough understanding of the regulations governing marriage licenses in your jurisdiction. Part of their responsibilities is to sign and return the marriage licenses to the county clerk’s office for certification. Without this, you’re not actually married.

Get to know your wedding officiant 

This person will not only play a significant role in your wedding, but also for the rest of your life. When you’ve said your vows, you’ll always remember the person who stood in front of you. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know your officiant.

Finding a wedding officiant who’s right for you 

Impact Family offers top wedding officiants in Florida. We love working with couples from all areas of life. Our professional wedding officiants can work with you to develop a custom ceremony that is as unique as the love you have for each other. We love working with couples from all areas of life. 

Find the right wedding officiant for you at Impact Family

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