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Online Christian Counseling

Online christian counseling
I am sure you are familiar with counseling. But did you know that it can be conducted virtually? Yes! It is called online Christian counseling. 

With the existence of Coronavirus, most activities are administered online. Of course, online Christian counseling had to ride the trend. 

If you want to welcome God’s presence and heal in the comfort of your own home, it is possible. Impact Family offers Bible-based virtual counseling led by a professional in the pastoral and counseling ministry. 

What is online Christian counseling?

Traditional counseling involves meeting up in person at your therapist’s local clinic. The nature is different with online Christian counseling or also known as E-counseling.

In this type of counseling, you can meet with your therapist through the use of mobile gadgets, such as phones and laptops, and a stable internet connection. You have the convenience of meeting anywhere at any time as long as you have these tools. 

It involves a confidential process and Bible-based counseling with one of the many professionals in the pastoral and counseling ministry. Keep in mind that this type of counseling does not guarantee to treat mental health illness or perform psychiatric evaluations and provide medication. The goal of online Christian counseling is to welcome the presence of God in our lives and use that power to heal. 

How does it work?

A usual online Christian counseling session lasts between one to two hours. You will need to book an appointment to secure a slot and a secured link will be provided. Rest assured that the session is highly confidential and will not be accessible to the public. 

The first session is called the Intake session which starts at $65. A Christian counselor will be with you to assess your situation, listen to your hardships, and refer you to other counselors. Consider the first session as an opportunity to get to know each other better. 

If it seemed like you two are fit to work together, the counselor will ask if you want to proceed as a client. If you agreed, the next session will be the regular session. 

Regular sessions have the same rate as intake sessions. In this session, you still have the chance to stay with your chosen Christian counselor or pick another one based on the pool of choices. 

If you want to know more about counseling services and how to book an appointment, visit

Schedule online Christian counseling at Impact Vision 

Are you interested to heal with us? Schedule your first intake session today! You can meet with us via webcam, phone, or wherever you are comfortable. To know more about virtual counseling

Impact Family is a Christian Counseling Nonprofit Organization located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a few miles north of Miami. As a Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Non-Denominational Ministry, we believe God in His Grace wants to forgive, heal, and bless us more than we want it for ourselves. Our team of Christian counselors is ready to assist you. Book an appointment online today

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