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Premarital Counseling: Should You Do It?

Premarital counseling: should you do it?
Are you wondering what premarital counseling is? It is a form of couples counseling intended to prepare you and your partner for marriage. 

Anything under the sun could be discussed such as finances, children, family relationships, and other issues. At Impact Vision, our goal is to help couples be on the same page and built a strong foundation for marriage. 

Before we start, we want to say our advance congratulations! Marriage is an important milestone in life. Before you say “I do” here are some things you should know about premarital counseling and why you should do it. 

What is premarital counseling? 

Premarital counseling is a form of counseling that occurs before signing up for marriage licenses. It is administered by a counselor, pastor, therapist, or coach. 

Our premarital counselor at Impact Vision is registered with Broward County as a pre-marital course provider. Learn more here

Issues discussed in a premarital counseling 

What are the questions discussed during a session? Well, there’s a lot. But to summarize things up, these issues are typically dug in by premarital counselors. 

  • Marriage expectations 

Every marriage is different. You may have an idea of what marriage is and what it looks like based on your parents, friends, and coworkers. But the truth is, there are a lot of things to understand. 

In premarital counseling, you will learn about what each partner views as marriage. During marriage expectations, you will discuss the roles each partner plays in the marriage. This helps prevents conflicts that may arise later on. 

An example would be who will provide for the economic needs to keep the marriage going. Will your partner stop working to take care of the kids while you support their shelter, food, and school fees? 

Read more as we talk about how talking about finances helps build a strong foundation for marriage. 

  • Financial management

Money can either build or break a relationship. It is a personal matter as each person has a different view on money management. But there should not be secrets when it comes to dealing with finances during the marriage. 

Having a discussion of your finances creates a healthy relationship. It does not have to be serious and long, as much as you are transparent about your budget, debt, and future spending, then everything else will fall into place. 

Impact Vision also offers financial counseling management to achieve financial freedom. Learn more here

  • Beliefs and values 

You may believe that the Earth is flat, but your partner does not. And it might frustrate you. 

We are sorry to burst your bubble but everyone has different perspectives, especially on beliefs and values. But as a couple nearing to exchange each other vows, you will have to work on continuous understanding. Sharing your beliefs, values, religious traditions will foster respect. 

  • Children: To have one or not?

To have children or not? This is a tough question. But there is no better way to discuss this during a counseling session. 

This is one of the matters that couples fail to discuss before marriage. One does not want to have kids, while the other cannot wait to become a parent. Deciding whether you want to bear children and how you will raise them is an essential part of these sessions. 

  • Family relationships

Admit it, some are not lucky with their partner’s family. One of the many questions couples have is “How can I deal with my other half’s family?” 

Premarital counseling offers a safe space to discuss each other’s family relationships, especially if you are not on good terms with them. 

How can online premarital counseling help? 

One of the modes of premarital counseling is now done online, thanks to technology. While preparing for your wedding, you can also prepare for your marriage. Minimize the hassle of transportation, traffic, and including online premarital counseling in your schedule. 

Impact Vision’s online premarital counseling offers counseling via video conferencing, phone calls, or in-person at our offices. 

  • Connect and understand each other

One of the benefits of going to Christian premarital counseling is building communication skills. When couples seek online premarital counseling at Impact Vision, they talk with a professional counselor who has the experience to help connect and understand each other. 

  • Address recurring issues

Online premarital counseling also addresses the recurring issues before they turn into future severe fights, or worse, divorce. Of course, we want the couples to be honest and transparent during the session. 

  • Build a better foundation

The importance of online premarital counseling is to build a better foundation for the relationship before jumping into marriage. At Impact Vision, we not only address recurring issues but also encourage the couples to have future plans on finances, children, and other important matters. 

Get started with Impact Vision’s premarital counseling

Besides preparing for the wedding itself, it is also important to prepare before the marriage. After all, you and your partner want to spend the rest of your life together, and not apart. 

Premarital counseling requires the willingness of both parties to be effective. If you’re looking for online premarital counseling near you, consider Impact Vision. 

Our online premarital counseling starts at $65 for the first intake session. During this time, we strive hard to get to know you and your situation. Our counseling can be done over the phone or in our offices. We also offer marriage licenses and wedding officiants for your wedding. 

Impact Family is a Christian Counseling Nonprofit Organization located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a few miles north of Miami. As a Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Non-Denominational Ministry, we believe God in His Grace wants to forgive, heal, and bless us more than we want it for ourselves. Our team of Christian counselors is ready to assist you. Book an online appointment today!

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