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Ibelise Baxter

Lissey baxter

Ibelise (Lissy) Baxter, is a wife, mother of three, pastor, chaplain, mental health advocate, a life, health, and wellness coach, conference speaker, and instructor in the medical field.  Ibelise is a resource to churches, ministries, schools, and communities functioning as a conference speaker, inspirational\motivational speaker, teacher, trainer, and organizer.

Ibelise is the co-founder of LoveGPS Ministries along with her husband Pastor Chris Baxter, in which they launched in Fall of 2019.  They have a passion and desire to equip and train believers how to live out Christ identity through 3 simple commitments to Love God, Love People, and Love to Serve.

Through this ministry Pastors Chris and Lissy focus on discipleship and equipping people to live out scripture in their daily lives. Their focus is family redemption and restoration, youth mentoring, child development, and community outreach.  Ibelise is a pastor’s kid, who grew up in the church and has spent the majority of adulthood serving and ministering in the body of Christ. 

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