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6 Simple Ways to Make Disciples Without Adding Anything To Your Schedule – Caesar Kalinowski

Our schedules can often feel overcrowded, leaving little room for additional commitments. Yet, as followers of Christ, the call to make disciples remains a central aspect of our faith—a call that can sometimes seem daunting amidst the busyness of everyday life. The good news is that discipleship doesn’t always require adding extra activities to our already overflowing schedules. Here are six simple ways to make disciples without adding anything to your schedule:

1. Intentional Conversations: Discipleship often begins with a simple conversation. Whether you’re grabbing coffee with a coworker, chatting with a neighbor, or catching up with a friend, look for opportunities to steer the conversation toward matters of faith. Share your own experiences, listen attentively to their questions and struggles, and offer encouragement and biblical wisdom as appropriate. These intentional conversations can plant seeds of faith and open doors for deeper spiritual discussions.

2. Prayer Partnerships: Prayer is a powerful tool for discipleship. Find a prayer partner—someone with whom you can regularly pray for each other’s spiritual growth, challenges, and aspirations. Whether it’s a brief phone call, a text message, or a prayer walk together, committing to pray for one another fosters a deep sense of connection and accountability in the journey of faith.

3. Modeling Authenticity: Authenticity is magnetic. As you go about your daily life, strive to live out your faith authentically, letting your actions align with your beliefs. Be transparent about your struggles and shortcomings, demonstrating humility and vulnerability. By modeling authenticity, you create an environment where others feel safe to be real about their own journey, paving the way for meaningful discipleship relationships to form.

    6 simple ways to make disciples

    4. Sharing Resources: Discipleship doesn’t always happen face-to-face. Take advantage of the abundance of resources available—from books and podcasts to articles and online courses—that can inspire and deepen someone’s faith journey. Share meaningful resources with friends, family members, or acquaintances who might benefit from them, sparking conversations and insights that lead to spiritual growth.

    5. Acts of Service: Serving others is a tangible expression of love and discipleship. Look for opportunities to lend a helping hand, whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter, assisting a neighbor with yard work, or offering to babysit for a busy parent. These acts of service not only meet practical needs but also demonstrate Christ’s love in action, opening hearts to the message of the Gospel.

    6. Inviting Others Into Your Life: Sometimes, the most impactful discipleship happens in the context of everyday life. Invite others to join you in the ordinary moments—sharing a meal, taking a walk, or participating in a hobby or activity you enjoy. As you welcome others into your life, you create space for authentic relationships to develop, where discipleship naturally flows from shared experiences and mutual support.

      In conclusion, making disciples doesn’t have to be a burdensome addition to our already busy schedules. By integrating simple practices into our daily lives—such as intentional conversations, prayer partnerships, modeling authenticity, sharing resources, acts of service, and inviting others into our lives—we can effectively disciple others without adding anything extra to our calendars. May we embrace these simple yet powerful ways of making disciples, trusting that God can use even the smallest acts of obedience to bring about transformation in the lives of those around us.

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