Intake Session is $25.00. It is the first interview session with a Christian Counselor. It provides an opportunity to assess your situation, share referrals to other counselors/pastors/therapists/coaches, or discern if you as a client want to move forward with Impact Family Network. Regular Sessions range in cost. The minimum contribution is $40.00 for a 50-minute session. Counselors have different rates depending on their experience, expertise, and education.

Jack Hakimian
Jack HakimianPastoral Counselor, Life & Career Coach, Speaker, Chaplain$50 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Jack Hakimian has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A). in Pastoral Ministry/Biblical Studies from Life Pacific College ( and Master of Arts (M.A.) Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary ( He has a passion to see families walk with God and experience His power in their lives. Learn more about Jack at:
Jhael Hakimian
Jhael HakimianPastoral Counselor, Speaker, Life Coach, Educational Consultant$50 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Jhael Hakimian studied Biblical Studies from Life Pacific College ( and Worship Arts/Music from Asuza Pacific University ( She received a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) in Exceptional Student Education from Miami Dade College ( She has the heart to help students achieve educational success, parents navigate their educational choices and for women to grow in their relationship and calling with the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more about her at
Kevin Gibson
Kevin GibsonMarriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Youth Sports Counseling/Coaching$50 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Kevin Gibson has a Master's of Science (M.S.) in Marriage and Family Therapy from Barry University ( He is a basketball coach, mentor and active speaker on mental health issues in the community.
Dr. Sheryl Ferguson
Dr. Sheryl Ferguson Psychologist (Clinical), Speaker, Workshop Trainer$150 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Dr. Sheryl Ferguson has Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Master's in Mental Health, Bachelor's in Biological Sciences from Nova University ( She is a Doctor, Profesor, Actor, Model, and Motivational Speaker. She also specializes in Artistic and Sports therapy.
Dr. Jean Ezell
Dr. Jean EzellOrdained Chaplain, Certified Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Speaker, Corporate Coach.$75-$150 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Dr. Jean Ezell is an ordained Chaplain with a lifetime membership with the National Chaplains Association. Certified/License Christian Counselor from Georgia Christian Counseling Association, GA ( Certified Clinical Pastoral Counselor from Mercy Seal Ministry, Atlanta, GA. Certified Teacher in Secondary Education with a Master's in Education Studies, A&M University, Huntsville, AL. Certified Prayer Counselor - Healing Rooms Ministries of South FL.
Laura Dahne
Laura Dahne Inner Healing Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker$90 per 90 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Laura Dahne is an Inner Healing Coach and Trainer, Author and Speaker. Her primary mission is to help bring God's transformation to women's hearts! She has written two powerful life-changing books, "A Broken Winged Eagle" and "The Master Gardener". Her author name is "Laura K. Dahne". She writes from the heart to inspire, challenge and engage readers. Learn more at
Jimmy Pertil
Jimmy PertilYouth Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Health Advisor$40 per 50 minutes (Online Pre-Payment Required)
Jimmy Pertil has a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Biomedical Science from Barry University ( and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology from Florida International University ( He works in partnership with FIU medical services to provide support to low-income and immigrant families. He actively mentors young men helping them discover their career path and mission from God.

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