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Affair Nearly Destroys Marriage and Ministry

Infidelity is one of the most devastating events that can occur in a marriage, particularly when both spouses are involved in ministry. The story of Kendall and Styler Bridges serves as a poignant example of how an affair can not only break a marital bond but also severely impact their shared ministry and the community around them. This blog explores the complexities of how infidelity can destroy a marriage and a ministry, offering insights into the importance of safeguarding relationships against such breaches.

The Onset of Marital Strain

Kendall and Styler, who met and married in their college years at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, experienced immediate challenges post-honeymoon. Their story reflects a common narrative where early attraction gives way to the harsh realities of day-to-day life and differing personalities. Attempting to change one another rather than embracing each other’s differences led to increased conflict and dissatisfaction—a foundational crack that can make a marriage vulnerable to infidelity.

Lesson: Recognizing and respecting differences, rather than attempting to change your spouse, is crucial in building a resilient marital foundation.

The Stress of Ministry

As the Bridges’ ventured into founding a church, the pressures of their ministry began to mount. Rapid growth of the congregation and the responsibilities that came with such success added significant stress to their already fragile relationship. Under such circumstances, the priorities of their marriage could easily become blurred by the demands of their ministry roles.

Lesson: Success in ministry should not come at the cost of marital health. Balancing ministry responsibilities with marital priorities is essential to prevent the personal and spiritual life from unraveling.

Affair destroys marriage and other relationships

The Illusion of Justification

The pursuit of “doing good” in the world can sometimes mask underlying personal and marital issues. For Kendall and Styler, the success of their ministry might have initially seemed to justify or overshadow their personal conflicts and marital dissatisfaction. This dangerous misconception can lead to neglect of the very foundation upon which their ministry was built—their marriage.

Lesson: No amount of external success can compensate for internal decay. Regular assessments of marital health and conscious efforts to nurture the relationship are key, regardless of outward achievements.

The Catastrophic Consequences of an Affair

When infidelity enters the marriage, it does not just disrupt the relationship between spouses; it shakes the very core of family and community life, particularly when the couple is involved in ministry. Trust, once broken, is hard to rebuild. The congregation or community that once looked up to the couple can feel betrayed and disillusioned, which can lead to a diminishing of the ministry’s impact and credibility.

Lesson: Safeguarding a marriage, especially in ministry, involves setting clear boundaries with others, ensuring accountability, and prioritizing time together to fortify the relationship against potential threats.

Healing and Restoration

While the path to recovery after an affair is tremendously difficult, it is not impossible. It requires genuine repentance, a willingness to forgive, and a commitment to rebuild trust step by step. Counseling, both as individuals and as a couple, along with a supportive community, can aid in this healing process.

Lesson: Restoration is a journey that demands patience, understanding, and a lot of hard work. Both partners must be committed to healing and must view their renewed relationship as a new chapter in their lives.


The story of Kendall and Styler Bridges highlights the profound impact infidelity can have on a marriage and a ministry. It serves as a sobering reminder that maintaining a healthy marital relationship is crucial, not just for personal happiness but for the integrity and success of any joint endeavors, including ministry. Prioritizing your spouse, continually nurturing your relationship, and staying true to your marital vows are paramount in protecting your marriage from the disastrous effects of an affair.

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