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Taking Control of Our Thoughts | Dr. Charles Stanley

In this sermon, Dr. Stanley shares Biblical truth found in Colossians 3 about how our tendencies to think as unbelievers change when we become believers. Christ gives us renewed thoughts and the Bible to guide us towards thinking like Christ—godly and positive thoughts.

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Our thoughts can often lead us astray or pull us away from our spiritual center. However, as followers of Christ, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: the transformative power of God’s Word. Dr. Charles Stanley, a respected voice in Christian teachings, emphasizes the importance of controlling our thoughts in accordance with Biblical principles. His insights, particularly from the book of Colossians, shed light on how believers can harness their minds for spiritual growth and godly living.

The Biblical Basis for Thought Control

The Bible underscores the significance of our thoughts and their impact on our faith and life. Colossians 3 serves as a cornerstone in understanding this concept, particularly highlighting the transformation that occurs when we shift from unbeliever to believer. Dr. Stanley points out that as we accept Christ, our thought processes begin to change. This is not merely a self-driven reform but a divine transformation that renews our minds and aligns our thoughts with those of Christ.

Transition from Old to New

Dr. Stanley elucidates that our old ways of thinking—often filled with negativity, doubt, and fear—are remnants of our lives without Christ. When we come to faith, these thoughts don’t automatically vanish; instead, they are gradually replaced through intentional engagement with God’s Word and persistent prayer. Colossians 3:2 advises, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” This directive is not just philosophical but a practical strategy for believers to elevate their thinking.

The Role of Scripture in Renewing Our Minds

One of the key themes in Dr. Stanley’s teachings is the role of scripture in renewing our minds. The Bible is not just a book of do’s and don’ts but a living guide that actively transforms us. By immersing ourselves in the scriptures, we allow God’s truth to permeate our thinking, challenge our misconceptions, and reshape our perspectives to reflect Christ’s. This daily renewal is critical, as it empowers us to overcome sinful thoughts and replace them with godliness and positivity.

Taking control of our thoughts with faith

Practical Steps to Control Thoughts

Dr. Stanley offers practical advice for believers striving to take control of their thoughts:

  1. Regular Bible Reading: Engaging with the Bible daily keeps our minds focused on spiritual truths and away from the clutter of worldly thinking.
  2. Prayer: Communicating with God through prayer is essential for seeking His guidance and strength to overcome negative thinking patterns.
  3. Meditation: Meditating on scripture verses and God’s attributes helps solidify the truths of the Bible in our hearts and minds.
  4. Community: Being part of a faith-based community provides support and accountability, helping us stay committed to godly thinking.
  5. Obedience: Applying Biblical teachings in our daily lives ensures that our actions reinforce our renewed thoughts.

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