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World’s Largest single Church with 800,000 members!

The Yoido Full Gospel Church…Seoul, South Korea.
This is also the single largest(By membership)Pentecostal Church in the world.
The largest church in the world…The Yoido Full Gospel Church
The greatest quantitative growth in Pentecostalism can be seen in all over Africa, South East Asia, Middle east Asia, China, South Korea, and especially in South America. In Chile, the indigenous Methodist Pentecostal Church has become the largest non-Catholic denomination in a country where
Pentecostals now constitute 15% of the total population. In
Nicaragua and Brazil Pentecostals comprise 20% of the total
population. In Guatemala 30% of the population is said to be
Pentecostal. These kinds of figures have caused some scholars to
ask whether the entire continent of South America is destined to
become Pentecostal in near future. In parts of Asia, Pentecostalism
is demonstrating a similar phenomenal growth. South Korea is home
not only to Paul Yonggi Cho’s Yoida Full Gospel (Pentecostal)
Church, the “largest single Christian congregation on earth,” but
to three other megachurches on the “top ten” list, two in Seoul and
one in In the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia, the
Pentecostal Church of Indonesia numbered 1.3 million in 1990,
making it the third largest Christian denomination in that country.
Kimbanguism, an independent African spirit-filled church, claims
the adherence of some 3 million persons (out of a population of 28
million) in Zaire. Similar independent and rapidly growing
Pentecostal churches have developed in Nigeria and Ghana too.

The following summary statement represents an assumption but telling report on global Pentecostalism:
According to the well-known statistician of Christianity, David
Barrett, there were an estimated 74 million
Pentecostal Christians or 6% of the world’s Christian
population in 1970. In 1997 he estimated that this figure had
reached 497 million or 27% of the Christian population, more than
the total number of ‘Protestants’ and ‘Anglicans’ combined, and
only 27 years later. David Barrett projects that according to present trends this figure is likely to rise to 1,140 million pentecostal Christians or 44% of the total number of Christians by the year 2025.

Pentecostal world-view

First, the Pentecostal world-view is absolutely
God-centered. All things relate to God and God relates to all
Second, the Pentecostal world-view is holistic and systemic.
For the Spirit-filled person God is not only present in all events,
he holds all things together and causes all things to work
Third, the Pentecostal world-view is transnational. Knowledge
is relational and is not limited to the realms of reason and
sensory experience.
Fourth, in conjunction with their holiness heritage,
Pentecostals are concerned with truth, but not just propositional
truth. Pentecostals were historically anti-creedal.
Fifth, the Pentecostal epistemology of encounter with God is
closely aligned with the biblical understanding of how one comes to
know. . .
Finally, the Scriptures hold a special place and function
within the Pentecostal world-view. Pentecostals differ from
Evangelicals and other Fundamentalists in approach to the Bible. For Pentecostals the Bible is a living book in which the Holy Spirit is always active in the word of God.
Off course the first Church was Pentecostal (Ref : Acts 2, Holy Bible) and the last church will be Pentecostal too.

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