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Spiritual Warfare – 3 -The Armor of God- (subtitled) by Jim Logan

Spiritual warfare – 3 -the armor of god- (subtitled) by jim logan

The video script discusses the importance of putting on the Armor of God, focusing on the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, and Sandals of Peace. It emphasizes the need to stand in the victory already won, believe in God’s promises, and quench the Enemy’s attacks with faith.

Key lessons:

  • Putting on the armor of God is crucial for spiritual protection against the Enemy’s attacks. Understanding Satan’s names and the significance of meaningful names can provide insight into spiritual warfare. Understanding Satan’s names can reveal insights into his actions and strategies in spiritual warfare.
  • Putting on the belt of truth is crucial to avoid being deceived by the father of lies, leading to unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings in daily interactions. The significance of truth in avoiding deception. The importance of being cautious and vigilant against deceit. Deception in daily interactions. How small truths can be twisted into lies, causing unnecessary conflicts.
  • Putting on truth daily is crucial to avoid deception and standing strong against attacks. The breastplate of righteousness guards the heart against accusations and unworthiness. Deception can lead to severe consequences, as seen in the case of a misled missionary. The enemy can cause doubt and confusion in a short period. There is a struggle with doubts about the truth of God’s word and the importance of standing in truth to avoid deception. The necessity of being rooted in the Word.
  • Believers are shielded from accusations by wearing Christ’s righteousness, rendering them faultless. The spirit world has extensive knowledge about individuals, even those far away.
  • Encounter with a demonized person highlights the need for authority in spiritual warfare and standing in the victory already won. Suffering can reveal Christ to others.
  • Faith involves believing in God’s words despite obstacles. Trusting in His promises enables victory over doubts and fears.