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A Good Woman – Dr Myles Munroe Speaks on how to fix issues with Male-Female relationship

In the complex world of male-female relationships, understanding roles and dynamics can be challenging. Dr. Myles Munroe, a respected theologian and speaker, offers a profound perspective on how men and women can harmonize their roles to create a fulfilling partnership. His teachings emphasize the biblical roles of men and women, using analogies that describe men as the “head” and women as the “helper.” This blog explores Dr. Munroe’s views on how a good woman supports and complements her partner, helping both to fulfill their divine assignments.

The Concept of Leadership and Support

Dr. Munroe stresses that being the head of the relationship does not imply superiority but rather a responsibility. The man’s role as the leader is not about dominating but about being the main provider, protector, developer, and teacher within the partnership. This leadership is not about enforcing rules but about guiding and nurturing the relationship towards a common vision.

Women as Nurturers and Encouragers

According to Dr. Munroe, a woman’s role is equally vital but manifests differently. She is described as the “incubator,” meaning she receives ideas, visions, and leadership from her partner and nurtures them to fruition. This role is crucial as it involves encouragement, support, and the development of the ideas brought to her by her partner. Her ability to nurture and encourage is seen as foundational to the success of the relationship and the achievement of mutual goals.

A good woman supporting her husband

Partnership and Vision

Dr. Munroe explains that a key component of a successful male-female relationship is the shared vision. A woman, equipped by God according to Munroe, is there to help her male partner fulfill the divine assignment given to him. This partnership is not about one person dictating or undermining the other but about both individuals working together towards a common objective. The woman, in her supportive role, is crucial in this process as she helps to clarify, support, and nurture the man’s vision.

Communication and Support

Effective communication is essential in this dynamic. Dr. Munroe suggests that women should actively engage with their partners to understand their dreams and visions. By asking questions like, “What do you see us doing in the next ten years?” or “What are your desires?” a woman can align herself more effectively with her partner’s goals. This not only strengthens the relationship but also ensures that both partners are working towards the same ends.

Avoiding Conflict by Respecting Roles

Dr. Munroe warns against the “two-headed monster,” a metaphor for a relationship where both partners try to lead independently of one another, which can lead to conflicts and dysfunction. He advises that understanding and respecting each other’s God-given roles prevents such conflicts and promotes harmony.


Dr. Myles Munroe’s teachings on male-female relationships highlight the importance of defined roles, mutual support, and shared visions. While his views are rooted in a traditional biblical context, they emphasize the need for balance, respect, and understanding in relationships. Regardless of one’s personal or theological stance, the core idea remains valuable: partnerships thrive on mutual support, respect for each other’s roles, and a unified vision for the future. For those navigating the complexities of relationships, these principles might offer a path toward more harmonious and fulfilling partnerships.

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