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Matt Chandler Challenge To Men

Matt Chandler speaking at the Village Church on April 6th, 2014 for Part 9 of the series on Acts entitled “The Second Wave” on Acts 16.

We often seem to celebrate minimal effort and the path of least resistance, there’s a clarion call for men to rise to the challenge of their God-given roles—particularly within the family. It’s a message about the nobility of duty, the honor in exhaustion from a day well-spent in service to one’s family and God’s kingdom. This blog is a challenge to men, urging them to embrace their responsibilities not just as providers, but as nurturers, spiritual leaders, and dedicated partners.

Embracing Exhaustion: A Sign of Fulfillment

Why are many men finding themselves at the end of the day with reserves of energy left untapped? This isn’t just a physical query, but a spiritual and emotional one. The biblical expectation isn’t merely to work hard at our jobs, but to pour ourselves into our homes with equal, if not greater, fervor. When God designed men, He designed them to expend their energy in meaningful ways, ensuring that by day’s end, they would feel the satisfying tiredness that comes from fulfilling their divine roles.

Serving at Home: The First Ministry

Upon returning home from work, the real ministry begins. This involves more than just being present; it entails active engagement. Praying as you pull into the driveway is just the start. Entering your home should be akin to stepping into your primary place of ministry. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Loving and Serving ‘Mama’: Ensuring that your wife feels cherished and supported, understanding her needs, and being her partner in every sense. This includes emotional and spiritual support, such as checking on her heart and praying together.
  • Engaging with Your Children: Getting down on the floor to play with your kids, understanding their unique personalities and needs, and taking the time to tuck them in with prayers and conversations, reflecting the love and teachings of Christ.

Spiritual Leadership: More Than a Title

Leading spiritually means setting a tone of righteousness and grace in your home. It’s about embodying the values you wish to instill in your children. It’s not enough to tell them about God and His ways; you need to show them through your actions, decisions, and the way you treat their mother.

Challenge to men in helping around the house

The Complexities of Fatherhood

Navigating fatherhood, especially when you have daughters, adds another layer of complexity to a man’s role. Each child is different, and understanding them requires patience, empathy, and a lot of divine guidance. When your daughter cries and you don’t know why it’s an opportunity to show up for her emotionally, to be the presence she needs even when you don’t have all the answers.

A Call for Holistic Vigor

The challenge here is not merely to be physically present at home but to be fully engaged in the lives of your family members. It’s about being so involved in the work of loving and guiding your family that you go to bed each night exhausted but fulfilled, knowing you’ve poured all of yourself into the most important work you were given.


To the men of faith and commitment: your family is your primary ministry and your most profound responsibility. The call to ensure your wife and children are “well-watered vines” flourishing in their gifts and feeling profoundly loved is a noble one. Let us not take lightly the tasks assigned to us. Embrace the exhaustion that comes from a day spent in loving, leading, serving, and protecting those entrusted to your care. This is the mark of true manhood, the signature of a life well-lived in service to others and to God.

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