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Why We Look In People’s Eyes During Deliverance Ministry

In many religious traditions, particularly within Christian deliverance ministries, eye contact plays a crucial role during spiritual encounters, especially in practices aimed at freeing individuals from spiritual oppression. This article explores why eye contact is emphasized in deliverance ministries and how it contributes to the efficacy of these spiritual practices.

Understanding Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance ministry is a form of religious practice found in some Christian communities that focuses on casting out evil spirits that are believed to afflict individuals. The goal is to bring spiritual healing and liberation to the person, allowing them to experience greater freedom in their spiritual and everyday lives. This practice often involves prayer, the invocation of Jesus Christ’s name, and other rituals intended to confront and dispel evil influences.

Christian deliverance ministry

The Role of Eye Contact in Deliverance

1. Establishing a Connection: Eye contact is a powerful nonverbal form of communication that can establish a connection between the minister and the person undergoing deliverance. This connection is believed to be vital for creating an environment of trust and openness, which is crucial for effective ministry. By looking into each other’s eyes, both parties can foster a deeper sense of understanding and compassion, which can be pivotal in a sensitive spiritual setting.

2. Asserting Authority: In deliverance, the minister often stands in a position of spiritual authority. Eye contact can be a way of asserting this authority, not in a domineering sense, but to reassure the person that they are in capable and confident hands. It symbolizes the minister’s commitment to face the spiritual battle head-on and signals control over the situation, providing reassurance to the person receiving ministry.

3. Discerning Spirits: Some practitioners of deliverance believe that looking into a person’s eyes can give them insight into the spiritual battles being fought within. Eyes are sometimes referred to as the “windows to the soul,” and thus, ministers may feel that through eye contact, they can discern the presence of any spiritual afflictions or disturbances affecting the individual.

4. Enhancing Focus and Intensity: Eye contact can intensify the focus of the deliverance session. For both the minister and the individual, maintaining eye contact can keep distractions at bay, concentrating all attention on the act of deliverance. This focused environment is crucial for effective prayer and spiritual engagement.

5. Facilitating a Path for Healing: From a psychological perspective, direct eye contact can be quite impactful in therapeutic and counseling settings, which parallels the use of eye contact in spiritual settings. It can help individuals feel seen and understood, which is an essential component of healing. In deliverance, this could translate to spiritual healing, where the affected individual feels deeply perceived, not just by the minister, but also by the divine presence invoked during the process.

Ethical and Considerate Practice

It’s important to note that while eye contact can be powerful, it should be used with sensitivity and consent. Not everyone may feel comfortable with intense or prolonged eye contact, and cultural differences in eye contact norms should also be considered. Effective deliverance ministers are attentive to these nuances and seek to create an environment that respects the individual’s comfort and boundaries.


Eye contact in deliverance ministry is more than a mere formality; it is a multifaceted practice that serves several vital functions, from establishing a connection and asserting spiritual authority to enhancing focus and facilitating healing. As with all elements of ministry, the use of eye contact should be guided by wisdom, compassion, and a deep respect for the dignity of those seeking deliverance. In doing so, ministers can use this powerful tool to support and strengthen their spiritual work effectively.

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